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Using Doctrine DBAL with Zend Expressive

on December 22, 2016. in Programming, Development, Software. A 2 minute read.

The Doctrine project comes with a database abstraction and access layer — Doctrine DBAL — which I prefer over other abstraction layers like Zend DB.

Events in a Zend Expressive application

on August 04, 2016. in Programming, Development. A 6 minute read.

Three weeks ago I wrote a post on how to utilize Tactician in a Zend Expressive application. Today I want to expand on that post a little by adding the possibility to trigger and listen to events using the Zend EventManager component.

I spent some time connecting the dots last week, so I decided to put together an example on how to get started with using Tactician in a Zend Expressive application. The example itself is not really useful, but it does show how to setup the dependencies and get started with these two libraries.