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Compare files across branches

on January 21, 2020. in Development. A 1 minute read.

After some bigger rebases in git, I have to compare a file between two branches, most often master and the current branch.

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Filter git diff by type of change

on January 02, 2020. in Development, Software. A 1 minute read.

Yesterday I was looking at a rather large diff, but for the type of change I was after, I wanted to look only at the newly added files. Turns out, git diff has a filtering option with --diff-filter.

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Use git reflog to split two squashed commits

on February 08, 2019. in Development, Software. A 3 minute read.

Today I was using interactive git rebase to squash some commits together to clean up the commit history of a git branch. At one point I went a bit overboard with it and squashed together two commits by mistake.

Anatomy of a git diff

on December 20, 2016. in Development, Software. A 3 minute read.

I’m looking at git diffs every day, all day. Diffs hold a lot of information that can be valuable, and I think it’s a good thing to know how to fully read a git diff.

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Verbose commiting

on December 12, 2016. in Software, Development. A 1 minute read.

One thing I recently learned about git, is the -v or --verbose flag for the git commit command. It shows the diff of what is being commited in $EDITOR below the commit message
template. Taken directly from man git commit:

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