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Announcing Hex

on July 04, 2011. in Blablabla, Programming. A 1 minute read.

Well, guess it’s time to announce it officially here, too. Since last month I’m running my own little web development company called Hex. After 2 years with the online_team, it was time to move on and turn to new adventures.

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It took me a while to grab myself a copy of Matthew Turland’sGuide to Web Scraping with PHP”, but a few weeks ago a copy finally arrived and I had the pleasure of reading it. I planned to buy it right as the print copy was announced, but then realised that php|arch accepts only PayPal as the payment method, which doesn’t work from Serbia, so I had to postpone the shopping for some better times. Fast forward 5-6 months and I found a copy on the Book Depository, which has no shipping costs! Yey!

Thanks to a discussion on the Zend Framework mailing list I learned about a new feature, a feature that allows for grouping action controllers in subdirectories! Well, this is more of an unknown and undocumented feature than new, as it is the part of the framework for at least 3 years.

Today I came across on a little “gotcha” when using the translated route segments in a multilanguage web site and thought about sharing the dirty little hack I used to get around it.

Playing with Zend Framework and Dojo

on March 02, 2011. in Programming. A 3 minute read.

Yesterday there was some talk on Twitter including Zend Framework and Dojo. I didn’t quite follow it through, something about why Dojo and not jQuery, it’s not that popular blablabla. Anyway, who cares? We have Zend_Dojo, we have ZendX_Jquery. I’m using ZendX_Jquery, but only as far as setting it up and loading jquery and jqueryui via the view helpers. Tried to use it on forms, to use tabs and whatnot, but in the end it was easier to write up a separate javascript file and do the jquery stuff there. But, I’ve never used Zend_Dojo before. Guess I was a bit scared away with all that dojo, dijit, dojox stuff… So, last night, being bored and all, I’ve decided to try and use it. Oh boy. How wrong was I for not diving into it before. OK, so far I’ve created only one form with dojo, but damn it’s good.

A real gem - PHP_CompatInfo

on December 27, 2010. in Development, Programming. A 2 minute read.

Last night I was pondering how nice would it be to have a tool of some sort, that would simply spit out what version of PHP does my app require. Something like: here are my .php files, what PHP version and/or extensions do I need for it? First I thought about jumping right in and writing it myself, but hey, this kind of a tool sounds way to useful not to be written already! After a bit of a googling there it was: PHP_CompatInfo. A nice PEAR package that can tell me everything I want about my code and even a bit more.

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Passing arguments to custom slots in PyQt

on November 30, 2010. in Programming. A 1 minute read.

While hacking on ape, I came to a situation where I need to pass some arguments to a custom defined slot. The slot is being called from different signals, one where the argument is passed by PyQt itself and a second one where I need to programmatically pass the argument to the slot.

While working on ape I had a problem with figuring out how to properly connect a signal to a slot, where the signal is emitted by a QTreeView widget. As this is not my first app with python and pyqt, I was doing something like (this is, btw, the “old style”):

ape is a PHP editor

on November 06, 2010. in Development, Programming. A 2 minute read.

A week ago I started working on a simple editor/IDE for PHP called ape. That’s my weak try on creating a reverse acronym as ape stands for - ape is a PHP editor. This is kind of an introductory post into the whole developing process of it, as my intention is to blog about it a bit more :)

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A regional PHP community website

on October 16, 2010. in Development, Places on the web, Programming. A 2 minute read.

This week on Wednesday, finally one of my pet projects has hit the Internets! is alive!

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