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Starting with Zend Framework - part 2

on October 20, 2008. in Development, Programming, Software. A 4 minute read.

This post is the second part of my introductory text on Zend Framework, Starting with Zend Framework. This time I cover the basics about controllers, actions, view scripts and view helpers. On request routing and the Front Controller I will write one (or more) big post(s), so this part won’t be explained now. I will also skip explaining the models; they deserve their own post :)

Starting with Zend Framework

on October 07, 2008. in Development, Programming, Software. A 7 minute read.

Zend Framework is a big & heavy object-oriented framework for PHP. I started working with ZF a couple of months ago, I liked it’s documention (it’s very well documented) and decided to stick with this framework. Here is the latest version of the framework — at the time of writing v1.6.1.

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Wordpress paging navigation

on October 06, 2008. in Development, Programming, Software. A 3 minute read.

As I’m not a big fan of Wordpress plug—ins, and I wanted to use a normal page navigation, not just the default “Previous posts” and “Next posts”, I decided to play around a bit and create my own paging navigation, or pagination.

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Regular expressions with PHP

on September 22, 2008. in Development, Programming. A 2 minute read.

I just want to write some real examples. These regexps are (and always will be, ‘cause I plan to write several posts on this topic) for the PHP’s PCRE library. Here’s a good PHP PCRE cheat sheet, it’s an excellent resource for regexps. If you know nothing about regexps, first read this Wiki page.

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