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Using Doctrine DBAL with Zend Expressive

on December 22, 2016. in Programming, Development, Software. A 2 minute read.

The Doctrine project comes with a database abstraction and access layer — Doctrine DBAL — which I prefer over other abstraction layers like Zend DB.

Anatomy of a git diff

on December 20, 2016. in Development, Software. A 3 minute read.

I’m looking at git diffs every day, all day. Diffs hold a lot of information that can be valuable, and I think it’s a good thing to know how to fully read a git diff.

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Editing Vim macros

on December 15, 2016. in Development, Software. A 2 minute read.

Vim macros are a powerful thing — they let us record keystrokes and play them back later. These macros are recorded to named registers.

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Renewing Let's Encrypt certificates

on December 13, 2016. in Development, Software. A 1 minute read.

Back in July I wrote how to set up SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt. One of my certificates was due to a renewal, and
anticipating some work to renew it, I decided to blog how to renew a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Verbose commiting

on December 12, 2016. in Software, Development. A 1 minute read.

One thing I recently learned about git, is the -v or --verbose flag for the git commit command. It shows the diff of what is being commited in $EDITOR below the commit message
template. Taken directly from man git commit:

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Configure Fedora's firewall for Vagrant

on December 09, 2016. in Development, Software. A 2 minute read.

This one’s been in my drafts for a long time, might as well publish it.

Events in a Zend Expressive application

on August 04, 2016. in Programming, Development. A 6 minute read.

Three weeks ago I wrote a post on how to utilize Tactician in a Zend Expressive application. Today I want to expand on that post a little by adding the possibility to trigger and listen to events using the Zend EventManager component.

Missing colors for PHPUnit

on July 20, 2016. in Programming, Software, Development. A 1 minute read.

I ran accross a minor issue today that I never experienced before. The colors for the PHPUnit’s output were missing. I had the colors=true directive set in the phpunit.xml configuration file, but the output was just black and white.

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I spent some time connecting the dots last week, so I decided to put together an example on how to get started with using Tactician in a Zend Expressive application. The example itself is not really useful, but it does show how to setup the dependencies and get started with these two libraries.

Setting up SSL certificates with Let's Encrypt

on July 06, 2016. in Development, Software. A 3 minute read.

SSL Report Summary

This past week I finally got around to setting up SSL certificates using Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is an open certificate authority that provides free SSL/TLS certificates. It’s goal is to make creating, renewing and using SSL certs painless.