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CLI command to whitelist Composer packages

on December 04, 2017. in Development, Software. A 3 minute read.

James asked this question the other day on Twitter:

Reacting to promises

on November 29, 2017. in Programming, Development, Software. A 5 minute read.

I was working on something that includes the usage of ReactPHP promises. Given that I haven’t had the chance to take a closer look at it yet, I decided that this is the right time for it.

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PHP FPM slow log

on November 23, 2017. in Programming, Development. A 2 minute read.

The other day I was going through the configuration file for php-fpm, when I noticed a configuration directive I haven’t before: slowlog. I guess it’s been around for a while, I just never noticed it.

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Visual sudo for shell scripts

on November 06, 2017. in Development, Software. A 2 minute read.

The other day I was putting together a small shell script to do some administrative tasks on my Fedora workstation.

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What implements an interface

on November 02, 2017. in Programming, Development. A 3 minute read.

Creating and implementing interfaces in our code is important. It helps with swapping out components, eases testing, separates the what from the how.

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Smarter tag search in Vim

on November 01, 2017. in Development, Software. A 2 minute read.

As part of my Vim setup for PHP development, I use the vim-php-namespace plugin to add use statements in my PHP code.

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Reading from standard input with Go

on October 30, 2017. in Programming, Development. A 5 minute read.

Last year I started learning Go, then I stopped, and now I don’t remember anything what I learned.

I think I understand bounded contexts

on October 24, 2017. in Programming, Development, Blablabla. A 3 minute read.

Earlier this year I started reading the DDD book by Eric Evans. Together with the Eventsourcery videos from Shawn McCool, the first three chapters of the book were… easy to understand, even. Lots of “A-ha!” and “Oh!” moments, followed by “That makes perfect sense.” statements, and a couple of excited “I knew that!"-ones. Then I got to the chapter with the bounded contexts. I read the first few pages, thought about them… Then read them again, and thought some more. Then I put the book back on the shelf for a few months.

Creating datetimes from a format with a timezone

on October 16, 2017. in Programming, Development. A 2 minute read.

I wouldn’t be writing this blog post, if I’d read all the “fineprints” in the PHP manual. Alas, here we are.

Complex argument matching in Mockery

on May 08, 2017. in Programming, Software, Development. A 3 minute read.

This past weekend I did some issue maintenance and bug triage on Mockery. One thing I noticed going through all these issues, is that people were surprised when learning about the \Mockery::on() argument matcher. I know Mockery’s documentation isn’t the best documentation out there, but this still is a documented feature.