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Backup script for mysql

on November 05, 2010. in Development. A 1 minute read.

This post is more of a reminder for myself. Anywayz, a little bash script that backups a database, gzipit and deletes all backups older than 3 days.

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A regional PHP community website

on October 16, 2010. in Development, Places on the web, Programming. A 2 minute read.

This week on Wednesday, finally one of my pet projects has hit the Internets! is alive!

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Loading custom module plugins

on July 20, 2010. in Development, Programming. A 1 minute read.

OK, here’s a quicky one from the office :P

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Quick Netbeans tip - task filters

on April 27, 2010. in Development, Software. A 1 minute read.

I’m using Netbeans as my main IDE for PHP and Python projects for over a year now, yet only now I have stumbled upon this feature - creating filters for tasks that show up in the “Tasks” window (Ctrl+6 shortcut to show/hide the window).

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Honeypot for Zend Framework

on April 21, 2010. in Development, Programming. A 1 minute read.

I just hacked up a little code snippet based on Matthew’s Honeypot Wordpress plugin. It’s basically just a Validator for a Zend Form element which is hidden from the user via CSS. Cause it’s hidden, users won’t see it, but spambots will, well, cause they are bots.

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on February 04, 2010. in Development, Programming. A 2 minute read.

At the office we’re starting out on a new project, which will require (thanks to our designer) a lot off divs and images and whatnot to slide up and down. All these elements will of course have it’s own ID’s and classes, so writing one function to slide/toggle them all is impossible, plus the design of these elements is so weird that the built-in animation effects are of no use. So I hacked together my first! jQuery plugin which will hopefully help us with this task.

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Book review - jQuery 1.3 with PHP

on January 06, 2010. in Development, Programming. A 3 minute read.

Although I never wrote about jQuery here, I use it quite often and can pull of nice tricks with it. Also, bending any jQuery plugin to my will, was never a problem. But enough about me, you’re here cause of the book.

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Bad Firebug!

on December 21, 2009. in Development, Programming, Software. A 3 minute read.

We all know about Firebug, probably the best developer add-on out there, and how awesome it is and how many times it helped us debug some nasty Javascript code, mess around with CSS and HTML on-the-fly, to track the time load of every external page element our app loads… It’s so cool that it even has it’s own add-ons! (FirePHP, YSlow and FireCookie). Really, it helps our developer lives to suck a bit less.

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Chaining routes in Zend Framework

on November 27, 2009. in Development, Programming. A 2 minute read.

On a forum, there was a question today, about adding language “support” to the routes using Zend Framework. The guy wanted routes like /en/foo/bar or /de/baz. I wrote there an example for that using Zend_Router_Routes_Chain, so just posting that example here, too :)

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Zend Framework bug hunt days

on November 22, 2009. in Development, Programming. A 1 minute read.

On the 19th and 20th of this month, the third Zend Framework Bug Hunt days were held. I joined the party for the first time and I say, it was a jolly good one!

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