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New adventures ahead!

published on May 23, 2011.
Heads-up! You're reading an old post and the information in it is quite probably outdated.

After a month or two of pondering and thinking and planning and thinking and some more thinking, today I finally told the management at work that I’ll be leaving in a month from today. Actually, I won’t be extending my contract with them which will end on June 24th.

Why? I don’t like the road the leadership of the company has taken (if this can be called a road at all…), the amount of energy the whole team is wasting on some small and silly things, the fact that extra effort is not recognised, thanked or paid and that there’s currently 8 of us in a roughly 25 m^2 room.

I know, there are bad moments everywhere when one just have to suck it up and deal with it for the whole team/company, but I’ve been doing that for quite some time and I had enough of that.

The only thing that makes me sad about this decision is that I’ll be leaving @milosija on his own here, a great mentor and friend from whom I’ve learnt a lot.

On the other hand, as of June 25th I’ll be starting my own company, which should be an exciting new experience. Still need to wrap my head around that one, so more on that in some future post…

Until then,
happy hackin’!

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DORS/CLUC 2011 recap

published on May 18, 2011.
Heads-up! You're reading an old post and the information in it is quite probably outdated.

This year’s DORS/CLUC has been and gone, 18th in the row for the organisers, first one (but not the last!) for me. For those of you who not know, DORS/CLUC is a conference about GNU/Linux and open source, which took place in the nice town of Zagreb, Croatia, in one of the auditoriums of FER (Faculty of electronics and computer science). I attended the conference as a speaker with a lightning talk on and a regular talk on Zend Framework.

First of all, I’d like to thank Nikola Plejic from NeutrinoDev for having me crash at his place during these couple of days. I hope that I’ll have the chance to return the favor one day :) BTW, if you need some Drupal/PHP/Python work done, you should talk to Nikola, he’s a kick ass dev ;)

The overall feeling I have about this conference is GODDAMN THIS IS AWESOME I WANT MOAR!!!1! Seriously, great organising, great talks, great speakers, great people, great food, great town, great WiFi. Granted, I haven’t attended a lot of conferences so far, but I honestly doubt it can get a lot better than this.


I really can’t say anything bad about the organisation. Before the conference the organisers where responsive via email and twitter for any questions/comments I had, the conference website was updated regularly. During the conference they worked hard to keep everything in order, to reduce the delays and to keep the coffee machine full of hot coffee at all times :)

Talks and speakers

The first day had Mark Shuttleworth, from Canonical and outter space as the keynote speaker with a talk generally on open source and Ubuntu. Adnan Hodzic gave one of the best talks about his experience on organising DebConf11 in Banja Luka. Other talks included web and mobile development, OpenStreetMap and some hardcore talks on LXC virtualization and MySQL fatal crash recovery.

The second day had Jan Wildeboer, Red Hat’s evangelist as the keynote speaker, with a great talk on open source. Other talks were about some business wishy-washy (I skipped those :P), databases, open source in academia… Personally, I think the first day was better, but nevertheless the second day was great and interesting too.

Although a bit exhausting, as both days had more than 10 hours of talks, it was really worth it. Now only if I had more hours in a day so I could play around with and look more into all of the stuff I learned here.

In the end, I’m really glad I came here, will be here next year too. If you’re into open source (and you better be! :P), I only can recommend you to check out and keep an eye on DORS/CLUC next year.

Until next time,
happy hackin’!

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Speaking at DORS/CLUC 2011

published on April 12, 2011.
Heads-up! You're reading an old post and the information in it is quite probably outdated.

DORS/CLUC is a conference about GNU/Linux and everything open source which takes place in Zagreb, Croatia, on May 16-18. I sent two talk proposals and both got accepted! Yey! The first talk will about, the story behind it, the ideas, the plans… The second talk will be an introduction to Zend Framework. I know, zf2 is right behind the corner with all it’s PHP5.3 goodness, but we are still, and unfortunately will be for a while, stuck with hosting providers running php5.2.

Hopefully I’m not going to be the only PHP dev there and someone will find the talk(s) worth their time :D

More than anything I’m looking forward to finally visiting Croatia and meeting fellow hackers :)

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PHP User Group, Novi Sad, Serbia

published on March 24, 2011.
Heads-up! You're reading an old post and the information in it is quite probably outdated.

For almost a year now, whenever time allows it, I’m working on a side project of creating a community of PHP programmers from around here. One of the first steps was, is, a website called PHPPlaneta about which I wrote back in October. After bringing this website to a relatively steady position, time has come to take another step: creating a PHP User Group! I’m really good at naming things so it is called “PHP User Group Novi Sad”, or pugns for short.

Actually I really don’t know what one has to do to create a user group, but I’ll just improvise along the way. So far, the date, time and the place for the first meeting is set: April 5th, 6PM, in a local coffee shop by the Danube river. A website thingy is also up: pugns, which is currently just a simple HTML page, but things will improve on that front too. The page of pugns is intentionally under a “directory”, because I’d love to host information about other PHP user groups from around here on the (sub)domain. It’d be nice to keep all relevant information under one “roof”.

Sooo… This will be an interesting ride, hope it’ll turn out fine :)

Of course, if anyone has some advice, tips and tricks about organizing user groups please do share them, that would be highly appreciated :)

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Contributing to open source

published on March 17, 2011.
Heads-up! You're reading an old post and the information in it is quite probably outdated.

Often times people ask me why do I contribute to open source, why do I “waste money and time” on free stuff when I could easily do the same thing for money? Don’t have I enough of staring at the computer at work where, well, I do the same thing - hack on code? Ummm. No.

Honestly, I don’t earn much. Enough for the rent, bills, food, but giving the fact that I don’t have a family, it’s enough for me, for now. So, I don’t make a s**t loads of money, but am still willing to work for free? Ummm. No.

Thing is, I really don’t consider this to be work. This is fun. This is hacking. This is creating stuff. This is solving problems. This is my passion. So no, I don’t work for free. I don’t work. I code, I hack.

But why open source?

Giving back

Giving back is nice. Not necessarily giving back to the same project, but just giving back to the open source community in general. It just makes you a better and nicer person :)


Both in high school and in college the fastest way for me to gain knowledge was to learn, collaborate with other students. Open source gives me the chance to share knowledge with hackers from all over the world; from Portugal, via Nova Scotia to Texas. It gives me the chance to be taught and to teach.


Open source gives the opportunity to work with people from every part of the globe. Getting ideas across by the means of email, chat, irc can be hard. Open source gives me the chance to improve my communication skills. Heck, I sometimes even have troubles explaining my ideas to my co-workers who sits right next to me.

Reading other peoples code, fixing bugs, writing documentation, adding new features, testing. Hack skills ++

Also, each and every accepted patch and merged pull request gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.


Open source introduces you to new people. Who knows what can come out of these random introductions? Can’t be bad, that’s for sure.

This is why I contribute to open source: it is fun, it is hacking, it is creating stuff, it is solving problems.

It is my passion.

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