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TickTweet WordPress plug-in

on November 21, 2008. in Blablabla, Development, Programming, Software. A 4 minute read.

Few weeks ago @imjustcreative mentioned on Twitter that he would like a WordPress plug-in that would scroll (tick) tweets where “soultweet” is mentioned. As I wanted to do a plug-in for some time, but never had any good ideas, I told him that I’ll take up the job. So I started to work on this in my free time.

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School's out!

on November 13, 2008. in Blablabla, Free time. A 1 minute read.

Today is one big day for me: I passed my last 2 exams at the College. 3 months of learning, a bit of luck and a professor in a good mood — the winning combination! This is a big relief for me, cause I now can fully concentrate on programming, no other stuff to think of, just me and the code.

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Powered by WordPress 2.7 beta 1

on November 04, 2008. in Blablabla, Free time, Software. A 2 minute read.

I’ve decided to upgrade to WordPress 2.7 beta 1, just for fun. For now, no major problems occurred, just a few smaller ones, all which are caused by my hacking of the WordPress core — I wasn’t keeping track of all hacks I did, so there were some random errors, but everything should be fine now.

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Look, Ma...

on September 04, 2008. in Blablabla. A 1 minute read.

... I have a Blog too! Well, it was damn time to get yourself one of those.

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