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If I did it right

on November 14, 2022. in BlaBlaBla. A 1 minute read.

If I did it right, this blog post will appear on my blog after writing it on my phone.

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Smart notes

on May 14, 2021. in BlaBlaBla. A 4 minute read.

Often times when I get an idea, I would twist and turn it in my head for a while. The idea would stay with me for days, sometimes even weeks, until I eventually forget it. By the time I realize I should do something with the idea, it’s gone. Even if I remember some parts of it, I lose a big chunk of the context that surrounded that idea. What made me think it? What was my first reaction to it? What other possibilities would that idea unlock? No idea, it’s gone.

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Why I didn't launch a year ago?

on December 21, 2020. in Development, Blablabla. A 4 minute read.

Two years ago I started working on a side project. It’s a glorified to-do application, so a fully working version shouldn’t have taken me more than 3 days of focused work. Yet, 2 years, and more than 350 commits later, I still didn’t “finish” it. I was close to launching a year ago. I could’ve launched a week ago.

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Making it easier to blog

on January 03, 2020. in Blablabla. A 2 minute read.

2019 was a not so great year for my blogging. 7 posts in total. There are multiple reasons for that, all the regular stuff like “I didn’t find the time” and “Nothing to blog about”.

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A lookback on 2018

on January 01, 2019. in Blablabla. A 2 minute read.

2018 was a good year. A year of changes.

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Legacy code is 3rd party code

on July 19, 2018. in Programming, Development, Blablabla. A 6 minute read.

Within the TDD community there’s an advice saying that we shouldn’t mock types we don’t own. I believe it is good advice and do my best to follow it. Of course, there are people who say that we shouldn’t mock in the first place. Whichever TDD camp you’re in I think this “don’t mock what you don’t own” advice has an even better advice hidden in it. An advice that people often overlook because they see the word “mock” in it and go full berserk.

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Easier Mocking With Mockery in php[architect]

on April 20, 2018. in Blablabla. A 1 minute read.

In early February I got an email from Oscar would I be willing to write an article for php[architect], based on my “Easier mocking with Mockery” talk. It took me maybe 2 seconds to think about it and say “Yes!”. The first part of the article was published in the April’s edition of the magazine. Lots of useful content in there, not just my article!

Bounded contexts and subdomains

on March 20, 2018. in Programming, Development, Blablabla. A 5 minute read.

Back in October last year I wrote that I thought I understood bounded contexts, what they are and why we need them. Ever since realizing that a bounded context is a boundary of how a business sees a specific subject within a section of that business, learning anything and everything DDD became a lot easier.

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A weekly to-do

on March 08, 2018. in Blablabla. A 4 minute read.

About a year ago I listened to a ThatPodcast episode where Dave and Beau talked about bullet journalling. I found the idea of it appealing, but over the next few months I just couldn’t find a bullet journal in any of the (book)stores I went to. As time passed so did my interest in this. After all, I was getting along without such a system just fine. My life isn’t that crazy busy, 7-8 hours of sleep, 7-10 hours of work work, and the rest is up for grabs — hanging out with my wife Senka (her name translates to Shadow, how cool is that?), reading, writing, cooking, open source, whatever.

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My OBS setup for recording screencasts

on February 21, 2018. in Software, Blablabla. A 2 minute read.

Last year I started recording my contributions to open source. I wasn’t really regular, so today I published only the 9th episode: OSS Contribution 9.