Xdebug and private /tmp on Fedora

on December 16, 2014. in Development, Software, Programming. A 1 minute read.

This one was a bit weird and needed some figuring out. Xdebug profiler output files were not being generated in the /tmp directory.

I wanted to do some profiling with xdebug. I set all the necessary configuration settings in my php.ini, restarted apache, confirmed xdebug is present and configured correctly with php -i | grep xdebug, appended ?XDEBUG_PROFILE=1 aaaand! Nothing. Nothing in /tmp, the default profiler output directory. Double checked paths, permissions, nope, nothing. No profiler files were generated.

find /tmp -name "cachegrind*"

listed the files in


What the?

Apparently systemd services in Fedora can have this setting called PrivateTmp and services with this setting set to true are started with a private /tmp directory. Something something security.

Well then. I created a /var/log/xdebug directory, changed the owner to apache and set the xdebug.profiler_output_dir to that new directory and all is well again.

Hey, I learned something new today.

Tags: xdebug, php, fedora, systemd.