Webkonf 2011 recap

on October 10, 2011. in Blablabla, Development. A 2 minute read.

This past weekend the Hungarian web conference was held in the amazing Buda Castle, in Budapest. It was a one day conference, with talks being held on 3 tracks, all in all 21 talk. This was my first time here and I attended as a speaker with a talk on Zend Framework 2 (more on that later).

The conference was great, and, as per the organizers, attended by more than 700 people! The building is quite big, so I didn’t feel like it was too crowded, but there were some complaints about not having enough seats for everyone. I found it weird that there was no proper lunch time set, with only 15-20 minutes left between sessions, so I ended up eating only after 3PM.

The talks I attended were also great, especially the PHP 5.4 introduction talk by Kovács Ferenc, aka Tyr43l, and the MySQL high availability and the InnoDB data recovery talks by Podor István.

As for my talk… Well, that was just plain horror. I got so nervous at the beginning that I completely forgot what was I supposed to say. A completely blank mind. Just standing there, looking at the slides and not knowing what am I even doing there… Completely fubar’d the first part of the presentation. The second part got somewhat better, but my overall feeling is just… Ugh, kill me now, please.

Anyway, I decided to give up on my speaking “career” and just stick to programming.

Happy hackin’!