Split screen panes

published on January 17, 2020.

I’ve been using screen a lot more recently, but not enough to have all the commands in muscle memory. Writing down a quick cheat-sheet for working with split panes/windows.

To split a screen pane horizontally: Ctrl+a Shift+s.

To split a screen pane vertically: Ctrl+a Shift+\.

To move between panes: Ctrl+a Ctrl+Tab.

To start a new command line in a pane: Ctrl+a Ctrl+c.

To close the focused pane: Ctrl+a Shift+x.

Save the layout of the panes with: Ctrl+a : and then type layout save name-of-your-layout. After reattaching to the screen session the panes will be restored.

Happy hackin’!

Versions used for examples: screen 4.6.
Tags: screen, split, panes, windows.
Categories: Software, Development.

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