PhpStorm previous version settings not imported

on March 29, 2019. in Software, Development. A 1 minute read.

PhpStorm 2019.1 was released yesterday. During the first run after the upgrade PhpStorm usually asks from what previous version would I like to import the settings from, but this time it didn’t ask that. It rather imported some of my old settings, but not the latest ones I had for 2018.3.

I’ve tried to import old settings from the “Import settings” menu, but whatever version I chose, it said something about “can’t find”.

Turns out the fix is to delete the settings folder for the newest version, in my case under Ubuntu it’s the ~/.PhpStorm2019.1 folder, start PhpStorm again and this time it should ask about which older settings to import.

Not sure why this happened, it might be due to the fact that I have installed and updated PhpStorm with snap? In any case, it’s fixed now.

Happy hackin’!

Tags: phpstorm, php, settings, ide.