PHP User Group, Novi Sad, Serbia

on March 24, 2011. in Blablabla, Free time. A 2 minute read.

For almost a year now, whenever time allows it, I’m working on a side project of creating a community of PHP programmers from around here. One of the first steps was, is, a website called PHPPlaneta about which I wrote back in October. After bringing this website to a relatively steady position, time has come to take another step: creating a PHP User Group! I’m really good at naming things so it is called “PHP User Group Novi Sad”, or pugns for short.

Actually I really don’t know what one has to do to create a user group, but I’ll just improvise along the way. So far, the date, time and the place for the first meeting is set: April 5th, 6PM, in a local coffee shop by the Danube river. A website thingy is also up: pugns, which is currently just a simple HTML page, but things will improve on that front too. The page of pugns is intentionally under a “directory”, because I’d love to host information about other PHP user groups from around here on the (sub)domain. It’d be nice to keep all relevant information under one “roof”.

Sooo… This will be an interesting ride, hope it’ll turn out fine :)

Of course, if anyone has some advice, tips and tricks about organizing user groups please do share them, that would be highly appreciated :)