PHP-FPM security limit extensions issue

on February 03, 2017. in Software, Development. A 2 minute read.

For the first time ever I saw this error:

Search and replace in visual selection in Vim

on January 23, 2017. in Software, Blablabla. A 1 minute read.

The search and replace feature is very powerful in Vim. Just do a :help :s to see all the things it can do.

XFCE4 desktop zooming with the keyboard

on January 19, 2017. in Software, Blablabla. A 2 minute read.

XFCE4 has a zoom feature available when the desktop composition is turned on. By default, holding the Alt key and scrolling up or down the mouse wheel,
I can zoom in or out the entire desktop. Once zoomed in, it follows the mouse pointer as to which part of the desktop to show.

Force Python version in Vim

on January 12, 2017. in Development, Software. A 2 minute read.

Vim can be compiled with Python support. Vim can be compiled with both Python 2 and Python 3 support.

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Things I learned in the past four years

on December 30, 2016. in Blablabla, Development, Programming. A 4 minute read.

Since yesterday was my last day on a project after four years and two months, I decided to take a look back on those four years and write down some of the things I learned.

Issues with Vagrant after upgrading to Fedora 25

on December 24, 2016. in Development, Software. A 2 minute read.

Fedora 25 was released over a month ago, so I decided it was time to upgrade from 24.

Using Doctrine DBAL with Zend Expressive

on December 22, 2016. in Programming, Development, Software. A 2 minute read.

The Doctrine project comes with a database abstraction and access layer — Doctrine DBAL — which I prefer over other abstraction layers like Zend DB.

Anatomy of a git diff

on December 20, 2016. in Development, Software. A 3 minute read.

I’m looking at git diffs every day, all day. Diffs hold a lot of information that can be valuable, and I think it’s a good thing to know how to fully read a git diff.

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Editing Vim macros

on December 15, 2016. in Development, Software. A 2 minute read.

Vim macros are a powerful thing — they let us record keystrokes and play them back later. These macros are recorded to named registers.

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Renewing Let's Encrypt certificates

on December 13, 2016. in Development, Software. A 1 minute read.

Back in July I wrote how to set up SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt. One of my certificates was due to a renewal, and
anticipating some work to renew it, I decided to blog how to renew a Let’s Encrypt certificate.