One hundred kilometers

on September 06, 2012. in Blablabla, Free time. A 2 minute read.

One hundred and two kilometers, and three hundred-ish meters, to be precise. I just got home from my latest “run", and that is the total number of kilometers I made (and tracked) on my longboard since I got it back in July. Maybe it doesn’t sound like much, but if someone would have told me 2-3 months ago, that I would do this much physical activity and actually like it and enjoy it, I would probably tell it’s just crazy talk. Me, getting up my arse from the chair and doing something outside? No way, dude.

Yes way, dude!

Getting into this longboarding thing is the bestest thing that happened to me in a while. Appart from it being healthy, making me feel awesome after a nice long ride, it also helps me clear my mind after a long day in the office. It’s just me, the board and the road. And it’s super fun! No, really, it is! You should try it. If you don’t trust me, ask Swizec, he’ll tell you the same.

The board itself is great, although the bearings are making some strange noise so I’ll probably change them soon. I’ll need to buy knee and elbow pads too, because this past weekend I had a nice little fall resulting in scratches and general pain on most of my body, so just to be prepared for the next time I decide to go downhilling. Lucky I had my helmet and sliding gloves on. Always wear a helmet. Always.

Now, onwards to the next milestone - one thousand kilometers. Until then,

Happy hackin’ and happy ridin’!