Look, Ma...

on September 04, 2008. in Blablabla. A 1 minute read.

... I have a Blog too! Well, it was damn time to get yourself one of those.

Actually, this is my third blog. The first lasted about a day or two. The second went alright for a time, but then the hosting company started to play around with settings, so the whole thing fell apart. This time, I'm serious. Kinda.

Until now I was foolin' around a lot. Tried this and that, experimenting. Heck, I even got a job. A real one. For real money. It lasted about 5 months, but then I quit, 'cause I still have some bloody exams @school, and I commuted every day to work, so it was pretty hard to concentrate on both. Now, I'm back to freelancing. Studying hard to get these exams off my back, and working on some projects; nothing big.

Sooo... What to expect from me and my blog? Tutorials, screencasts, reviews, freebies, random writings... Anything that is connected with the Internet, it's development and me. I'll try to show up with some quality and creative stuff, hopefully, on a regular basis.

Ramble on!