Let's learn Astronomy!

on September 29, 2012. in Free time, Blablabla. A 2 minute read.

I've graduated from Subotica Tech back in 2009., and earned a BsC in electrical engineering, or some such. Even though I had the opportunity to continue my academic studies, I decided that I had enough of schools for a while, and that I should start working. Turns out, that was a pretty smart move from my side, as I ended up working for two years with an awesome team, and later on started my own company, which is now over a year old! Yey!

But, recently I started thinking about going back to school again. Not for a new diploma, or to be able to get a better job, but for the knowledge itself. My brain craves Science. Mathematics. Formulae. My mind needs a new challenge. Sure, I could learn a new programming language, I hear Haskell would give me quite a challenge, but at this point, that just wouldn't be... It.

Introduction to Astronomy

A few weeks back Vranac sent me a link to Coursera's Course Catalog. I browsed through it, made a note about a couple of interesting ones, and left it at that. Until yesterday, when Andries brought up the subject of gaining new knowledge. For some odd reason, that made me do a step forward.

Thus, I singed up for the Introduction to Astronomy course. Why Astronomy? Because it should have a fair share of math and physics which will, hopefully, prove more than enough for my science hunger. Plus, learning things about planets and stars and galaxies cannot be anything else but fun! Maybe I even learn to recognize a constellation or two in the night skies.

I don't really know what to expect from the course itself, but it should be a good starting point as any. The description says it's a difficult course, lasts for 9 weeks, and has three hours of video lectures per week with additional homework and quizes. Guess it'll be interesting, we'll see.

Happy learnin'!

P.S.: I forgot to mention that these courses on Coursera are on-line, and free!