Filter git diff by type of change

on January 02, 2020. in Development, Software. A 1 minute read.

Yesterday I was looking at a rather large diff, but for the type of change I was after, I wanted to look only at the newly added files. Turns out, git diff has a filtering option with --diff-filter.

The possible values for the --diff-filter are Added (A), Copied (C), Deleted (D), Modified (M), Renamed (R), type changed (T), Unmerged (U), Unknown (X), and some kind of a Broken (B) file(?).

Running git diff --diff-filter=A will show the diff only for the added files.

These filtering options can also be provided with lowercase, in which case it will behave as an exclude filter. git diff --diff-filter=a will show the diff for all files, except for added ones.

Happy hackin’ and a happy new year!

Versions used for examples: git 2.17.

Tags: git, diff, filter.

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