Contributing to Zend Framework 2

on November 10, 2011. in Development, Programming. A 2 minute read.

Today a pretty big news hit the interwebs: as of today, the CLA is not required any more to contribute to Zend Framework 2! This means anyone can issue pull requests and submit patches to the new version. Note that if you want to contribute to Zend Framework 1, you still need a signed CLA. I’ve decided to write a quick post with additional information and links, to make it easier getting started with the contributions!

Back in July I wrote a post on helping out with Zend Framework 2, so consider this post as a second part of that post ;)

The development is on git. The original repo is, while the one on Github is a mirror which gets updated twice a day. Not that it matters much, as everyone forks the Github version and sends pull requests against that.

The issues are kept on a Jira instance: Please make sure you are actually on the Zend Framework 2 project, as we have a separate project for ZF 1. Create an account on Jira and off you go. If I’m not mistaken, it is connected to the ZF wiki, so you can use that too.

All ZF2 related stuff on the wiki is located in it’s own section. It’s full of goodies, so take your time to browse it.

We hold biweekly IRC meetings: every second Wednesday, 17:00 UTC. The next one is going to be on November 23rd. Prior to each meeting we set up an agenda, vote on it, decide who will be moderator and then just discuss whatever is there to discuss. The meetings are held on the #zf2-meeting channel, on Freenode. All agendas and logs from previous meetings can also be found on the wiki.

We have a separate #zftalk.2 IRC channel devoted to discussing all things ZF2!

Subscribe to the mailing lists; you’ll be especially interested in the “Contributors” section; all big and small things are discussed there.

A new “thing” introduced to the ZF ecosystem are the RFCs. We’re using those when a new architecture is discussed or a rewrite/refactor of an existing component is to be done.

New components need to go through a proposal process. The proposal process is rumoured to get an overhaul, but (hopefully!) it won’t be going away.

There is also a blog set up, so be sure to subscribe to the feed.

Great and exciting times are ahead of us and I welcome all new ZF contributors! :)

Happy hackin’!