Connecting to MySQL 8

on March 24, 2018. in Software, Development. A 1 minute read.

I’ve used recently to generate a set of Docker files for a pet project and it had the option to use MySQL 8 and of course I went with that. The problem was when I wanted to connect to the database that was on this MySQL 8 server.

I had locally installed the MySQL 5.7 client version and when trying to connect to the MySQL 8 server it complained about a missing authentication plugin:

ERROR 2059 (HY000): Authentication plugin 'caching_sha2_password' cannot be loaded:
/usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Turns out, in MySQL 8 this caching_sha2_password is the default authentication plugin instead of the mysql_native_password. This new authentication plugin is described in the documentation. I didn’t want to change anything in the MySQL docker image, so instead I decided to upgrade to MySQL 8 client on my Fedora. First I removed all traces of MySQL I had:

sudo dnf remove mysql

Then I installed the RPM from MySQL:

sudo dnf install

And finally installed the MySQL 8 client:

sudo dnf --enablerepo=mysql80-community install mysql-community-client

And now I can connect to the MySQL 8 server inside the Docker container:

mysql -P 8082 -h --protocol=tcp -utest -p test

Happy hackin’!