If I did it right

on November 14, 2022. in BlaBlaBla. A 1 minute read.

If I did it right, this blog post will appear on my blog after writing it on my phone.

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Smart notes

on May 14, 2021. in BlaBlaBla. A 4 minute read.

Often times when I get an idea, I would twist and turn it in my head for a while. The idea would stay with me for days, sometimes even weeks, until I eventually forget it. By the time I realize I should do something with the idea, it’s gone. Even if I remember some parts of it, I lose a big chunk of the context that surrounded that idea. What made me think it? What was my first reaction to it? What other possibilities would that idea unlock? No idea, it’s gone.

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Why I didn't launch a year ago?

on December 21, 2020. in Development, Blablabla. A 4 minute read.

Two years ago I started working on a side project. It’s a glorified to-do application, so a fully working version shouldn’t have taken me more than 3 days of focused work. Yet, 2 years, and more than 350 commits later, I still didn’t “finish” it. I was close to launching a year ago. I could’ve launched a week ago.

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Dealing with bit rot in a side project

on December 14, 2020. in Programming, Development. A 3 minute read.

As I wrote earlier, I’m “reviving” a personal project that I didn’t touch for a year. The development environment is dockerized, so the first task I need to do is to run the application it see what happens. As it turns out not much happens, as a mild case of “bit rot” set in.

Reviving the ForThisWeek project

on December 12, 2020. in Programming, Development. A 4 minute read.

Way back in the summer of 2018 I’ve started a project called “ForThisWeek”. It’s nothing more than a glorified to-do application. I’ve used it mainly to learn more about some of the Domain-Driven Design concepts. Looking at the commit history, I’ve worked on it in the summer of 2018, then from November 2018 till May 2019, and then again from November 2019 till mid December 2019. Apparently I’ve put a decent amount of work in it, so if I want to have a side project live, this one’s a good candidate.

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Setting up a custom 404 page

on December 12, 2020. in Development. A 1 minute read.

The other day I realized that I don’t have a custom 404 page up. Whenever someone requests a page that does not exist, nginx serves its custom 404 page. It’s functional, tells the user what happened, but apart from that it’s not really helpful.

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Turn a new leaf on a legacy project

on November 12, 2020. in Legacy, Software, Programming. A 4 minute read.

Working on a legacy project can be a chore. Fighting the same old problems over and over again, adding new features takes ages, seems like every time we fix one bug, we uncover three others. Sounds like wishful thinking, but I know it can be better.

Discovery notes

on October 19, 2020. in Legacy, Development. A 3 minute read.

Starting to work on an existing application, on a code base that exists since the beginning of the times, can be daunting. Complicated and complex features, new terms, most likely non-existing documentation, or documentation that is out of date. All that can seem too much. One thing that has always helped me is keeping notes of what I discover over time working with a legacy codebase. “Discovery notes” if you will.

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Toggle a VPN connection

on March 06, 2020. in Development. A 1 minute read.

At work I often have to turn a VPN connection on and off. Clicking through the network manager, finding the right VPN connection, connect to it… Feels like a waste of time, no? There has to be a better way. And there is :)

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Compare files across branches

on January 21, 2020. in Development. A 1 minute read.

After some bigger rebases in git, I have to compare a file between two branches, most often master and the current branch.

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