I'm Robert, a software engineer who helps businesses grow by translating business rules and decisions to fast, stable and secure web applications. I specialize in testing and modernizing legacy applications and have experience in leading developer teams and doing code reviews.

On my blog you can read what I'm learning, experimenting with and thinking.

In my spare time I contribute to open source projects, read books and play board games.

Need help? Have something to say?

Since the end of June 2018 I have a full time gig going on and currently I'm not looking for new opportunities. Still, if you have any questions for me, if you need help of any kind, or if you just want to drop me a line, feel free to do so.

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Robert Basic
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Robert Basic

Robert Basic

Software engineer, consultant, open source contributor.

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If you require outsourcing or consulting help on your projects, I'm available!

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